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Choosing and Wearing a Red Blazer for Men – Bald Elegance with a Spot of Color in Your Wardrobe


Are you looking for a red blazer for men? Well, you must know that red blazers are among the most fashionable clothing items today. Whether you are a truly fashion-conscious gentleman or you just like bald colors, having a red blazer in your wardrobe is an absolute must if you care about your style and elegance.

Though the sheer number of the different styles and cuts make numerous men feel overwhelmed when shopping for jackets and blazers, you must be aware that having a red blazer can add immense variety to your wardrobe.

If you like the idea of owning a red blazer for men, but you don’t really know what style to choose and how to wear it right, read our short guide – we hope it will help you chose the blazer right and then wear it right, too.

Styles of Red Blazers for Men

There are two basic styles of red blazers for men: double-breasted and single-breasted. These are the two basic cuts used by designers in their collections and these are the two basic cuts that open up in a million of different variations.

Double-breasted blazers feature two rows of buttons and fronts overlapping in the middle. Being a more formal cut, choosing a double-breasted blazer in red allows you to make a really bald fashion statement about yourself – pairing simple elegance with a powerful color will surely turn heads, wherever you go.

Single-breasted blazers are more informal, therefore much more popular among men. These blazers are fastened with a single line of buttons and depending on the number of the buttons, they vary in the amount of formality they exude.

Single-buttoned models are the most casual, so they are usually not worn for work or business related events, but they make excellent choices for a night out with friends. Choosing a single-breasted, single-buttoned red blazer for men for an informal occasion will flatter your figure and attract attention, making you the center of the party.

Choosing the Right Red

The shade is another very important decision to make when you choose your red blazer for men. Would you like a very bright red or are you looking for a softer shade? Red is a very broad term and it includes anything from deep purple-red to pastel shades. Brighter shades are usually more recommended for younger gentlemen, while the more solid color variations are suitable for middle-aged and older gentlemen.

Choosing the Fabric – Materials Used for Making Red Blazers

The cut and red blazer for menthe shade are not the only decisions you need to make when you choose your red blazer for men. Designers use many different materials to make blazers:

              Wool – it is a natural, breathable material, resistant, comfortable to wear and always draping nicely;

              Linen – lightweight and natural, especially recommended for warm summer evenings. However, you need to know that linen wrinkles very easily and the balder the color of your blazer, the more attention you need to pay to the ironing.

              Cotton – just as light and breathable as linen, but more resistant to wrinkling, therefore easier to wear.

              Synthetic fibers – they do not breathe as well as natural materials, but they do not wrinkle, they are very resistant and much cheaper than wool or cotton blazers.

              Corduroy – the preferred blazer material for many gentlemen, corduroy is soft, warm and natural, being an excellent choice for fall and winter.

How to Wear a Red Blazer for Men

Red blazers for men confer a kind of bald elegance to your appearance, but you need to wear them right. Choosing the right cut is only part of the project – you also need to pair your scarlet jacket with the right shirt, trousers and shoes.

Don’t forget that the red blazer is your ultimate statement and you need to keep the other items you are wearing toned down. Wearing more than one powerful color at a time usually creates a disturbing appearance, so red blazers are best paired with neutral colors like white, black or grey. You can put on a white shirt or a black and white striped shirt with grey trousers and a pair of adequately chosen, simple, but elegant shoes – this way you can highlight your red blazer without being too loud.

Pairing brighter colors on your torso with indigo jeans and neutral-colored shoes is another great way to wear your red blazer for men. Loafers or Oxfords are great with such blazers – put on a pair of trendy sunglasses and your outfit will surely stand out.

A red blazer for men is an excellent choice for spring, summer, fall and winter as well – choose the right cut, the right material and the right shade of red, team it up with a shirt or T-shirt of a suitably muted color, a pair of neutral trousers, comfy shoes and enjoy the appreciating looks around you.